In the short span of 6 years into operation, Green Squares Property Developers Ltd. has established itself as the front runner in property development in Tirur and elsewhere in South Malabar. The prime focus of the company is creating outstanding and livable community neighborhoods in villa, apartment, cluster home and row house segments. Each of its project locations are selected evaluating the viability, taste and lifestyle of its end users. Green Squares, as a company, has a sound solid foundation to build upon and to take its leaps into higher planes in the future.

Green Squares Property Developers Ltd. embraces new concepts in harmonic living where each neighbourhood by itself will engrave and etch the tiding of new generations.

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Mobile : + 91 - 97471 21600 / + 91 - 94473 18900


Riverview Heights Launched on 26th March, 2011 in Tirur. READ

Sri. V. K. Sreeraman to promote Green Squares Projects. READ

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